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"Pilates is a life-changing movement!

I absolutely LOVE it."

Melissa Gaudreau

Melissa Gaudreau

Melissa Gaudreau 
Owner & STOTT Pilates Instructor

Melissa Gaudreau began her Pilates journey in 2010 when she was researching exercises aimed at increasing flexibility, strengthening and toning. She developed an interest in Pilates, and decided to enroll in private lessons.  From her very first session, she fell in love with the exercise and realized she could combine her passion for fitness and health and make a positive impact on the lives of others. Originally from the marketing sector, she decided to make a major career change and began her teacher training course at the Pilates Body in Mississauga in 2015.


Melissa is STOTT™ Pilates trained in Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Barrels, Chair and Barre. She is also a certified specialist in Athletic Conditioning and Pilates for Neurological Conditions such as MS, ALS and cerebral palsy. She is always looking to improve her teaching experience through innovative courses and workshops. With her caring, upbeat personality and attention to detail, Melissa's love for Pilates shows through each individual session helping clients improve alignment and body awareness. Her training will completely change the way you feel about health and physical activity! Book your first session with Melissa today. Your body will thank you for it!


Jade Headshot[980].PNG

Jade McCarthy
STOTT Pilates Instructor & Personal Trainer

Jade is a Personal Trainer and Stott Pilates Instructor with nearly 20 years of experience working in the Fitness Industry. Before finding Pilates and recently moving to Toronto with her Canadian husband in 2018, Jade taught high-impact, high-energy, Group Exercise classes since 2003 followed by Personal Training in 2009. The common thread Jade noticed amongst the majority of people coming to her wanting to get fitter and stronger seemed to be restrictions in certain movements and exercises due to injuries. With that also came a loss of confidence and low expectations as to what they could potentially do both in the gym and through daily living. This peaked her focus towards how to help train her clients move in a way that not only strengthened them physically but gave them freedom of movement, rebuilding self-confidence in their physical capabilities. Jade went on to certify in Stott Pilates Matwork in 2012 and with this gained a wealth of knowledge she was able to incorporate not just in her Pilates classes but also into her client’s programming. Pilates revealed just how intricately related each muscle worked with each other, how posture can be corrected to release muscle tension and weaknesses, and how sport performance could be optimized through knowing which muscles needed stabilizing, strengthening and lengthening. From 2017, Jade certified in Dynamic Reformer, and worked with esteemed, five times Tatler Award winning Pilates and Physiotherapist Group, Ten Health and Fitness, in Chiswick and Mayfair, London. She has worked alongside physiotherapists specializing in strength-based Reformer and Matwork Pilates and continues to train clients one-to-one in Strength Training and Functional Fitness.


When Jade isn’t in the studio teaching classes or helping clients, you can find her in her local gym weight lifting with her husband Michael, geeking-out on all things strength and Pilates related and enjoying coffee (with an occasional chocolate fudge brownie…)

Aline Deinzer.jpeg

Aline Deinzer
Pilates Instructor and Administrative Assistant

Being active during childhood Aline has practiced many sports and was always involved in physical activities. She decided to get a Bachelor degree in Physical Education to have more knowledge  about how movements act in the cognitive, social- affective and motor human behavior, and after that, concluded a post-graduation in Personal Training and Weight Lifting. Her journey through
The Method Pilates started when she injured a shoulder to the practicing of a passion: Tennis. She fell in love immediately. Short after, Aline was fully certified in The Method Pilates through Physical mind Institute being able to teach all levels of Pilates Mat and Equipment and later on she got certified in Standing Pilates.

With 15 years of experience in fitness, functional training and Pilates Aline likes helping clients reaching their needs and goals believing in the concept of functionality, health and longevity that the method brings to our lives which reflex in the quality of the human being movements.


Danielle Ching
Stott Pilates Instructor

Danielle Ching is a young artist with a strong passion for dance and fitness. She began her training at the Canadian Dance Company where she learned ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, tap and more. Training competitively is what formed her technique and versatility into what it is today. She then switched to Latin Ballroom and trained at The ItFactor Academy. Her ballroom coach Edgar Hernandez gave her the opportunity to become a Professional Latin Ballroom teacher and she has been teaching for multiple years now. To expand her dance training and education, Danielle studied at Ryerson University and received her BFA in June 2021 and she is now a fully certified Pilates instructor as of September 2022. She will specialize in training dancers, rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Danielle aspires to keep improving herself as an artist / Pilates instructor, and she wants to continue spreading her passion through teaching and performing.


Dawn Byers
Pilates Instructor

Dawn Byers has been in the Pilates industry for over 20 years. She started out taking personal training at Humber College, then switched over to Body Harmonics in Toronto, On right after completing her Humber certificate. Dawn is also certified through the Physical Mind in N. Y. C. in all levels of mat, reformer Pilates chair and cadillac. Workshops completed gait analysis, rehabilitation, fit ring, roller, stability ball, rotational disk and jump board.

Dawn has taught throughout the Oakville, Burlington, St. Catherine's and Niagara area.  Teaching private, semi private , and Pilates classes.


Dawn has taught, Physio Pilates, Pilates with weights, Pilates mat and all equipment, jump board, rebounder


Joanna Kasprzyk
Pilates Instructor

Joanna Kasprzyk has an Architectural background with which she has pursued a career in the Nuclear Industry for about 10 years. Her move to Dubai 18 years ago helped her discover Pilates, which she has fell in love with straight away. She adapted her Pilates experience into every day activities. Seeing how it transformed her posture, balance, mobility and strength, she was inspired to pursue it further.  Joanna is certified Pilates Mat & Reformer Instructor with Balanced Body, as well as certified Prenatal/Postnatal Instructor with the Center for Woman’s Wellness. Also, certified Booty Barre and Bbarreless Instructor with Tracey Mallett, as well as certified Injuries and Corrective Exercise Instructor with Body Hack.


Recently became certified in The Pilates Suspension Method with Pilates 949’s Rebecca Beckler.

Favourite Quote: “If you want to understand function, study structure”. -Francis Crick

Life has ups + downs we call them squats!


Laura Barney
Pilates Instructor

Laura grew up dancing, playing tennis, and doing martial arts. Being active was always a big part of her life, until she developed Exercise-Induced Bronchoconstriction (asthma) and had to take a step back from many practices. After her dance journey ended, Laura went to school for journalism and became a freelance sports writer, and continues to this day. However, it was time for a new challenge that would give her a chance to move her body without triggering her EIB; that’s when she discovered yoga and Pilates, and fell in love instantly. Teaching fitness wasn’t on Laura’s mind, despite having a passion for moving her body – it wasn’t until she suffered a neck injury that changed her mindset and personal goals. After months of rehabilitation, Laura realized she wanted to take what she learned and help others. She received her certification in hatha and aerial yoga, barre, reformer, and STOTT mat Pilates.

Although Laura wants to help members reach their fitness goals, her first lesson is reminding others to love themselves. It’s alright if you didn’t have the workout you initially set out to achieve. Instead, remember that you had the motivation to move your body. Thank yourself at the end of the day.

Laura is a self-proclaimed comedian and enjoys making people laugh, but she is also an advocate for reducing the stigma around mental health.


You are not alone. Check yourself, express yourself. Thank you for joining her on this journey.

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